Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New songs!

I just found a new song on grooveshark by The Shins. Its called "Simple Song". Judith told that The Shins had a new album on iTunes, and I just found this song. It isn't really like their normal sound, but I like it. It is the shins, but it has more electronic stuff in it. Check it out.
-Sir Jared.

This is a link to listen to the song! I love it. You should too.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas times!

This is a list of the awesome things I received, with a little bit about each thing:

1. A new camera. I got a camera a few years ago from my brother, Ty, when I was at the beach. When I was in disneyland last year for tour, I dropped it (with as much style as physically possible cause I'm a freaking boss). After that, the lens wouldn't come out and it became useless.

2. An iHome. Recently I got an iTouch, and my parents thought it would be cool if I had a way to listen to music other than headphones. Those brake all the time.

3. Headphones! Not earbuds, the little things that go in your ears, but headphones! The earmuffs that go around your whole head! It makes me cry every time I listen to anything through them, because the quality is just so beautiful. But I don't really cry, 'cause I'm a man!

4. Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic games! Not my first choice for a video game, but it is actually quite fun. A whole lot better than I expected.

5. Captain America the movie. Captain America is probably my favorite Avenger so far.

6. Some skivvies and socks. If you don't know what skivvies are, look it up.

7. A key chain with Lego Ron from Harry Potter. I was going to get this little beauty for Aaron, but my mom secretly got it for me instead.

8. 5 gum. I got the costco pack of minty 5 gums. But just because I have 180 glorious slices of gum, doesn't mean there's any to spare. So don't ask, punk.

9. A shotglass from Denmark! I have been collecting shot glasses for a few years now from the most awesome places. I have a few from California (the beach and Disneyland!) , one er two from Yellowstone, one from Japan (Aaron Davis brought it back when he was living there) , and now one from Denmark! Jens sent it to me from his mish.

10. Hygiene stuff. Some razors, shaving cream, tooth brush, soap, and cologne.

11. A journal that I'll probably never use. I have about 5 journals from past Christmas's which I have about 4 pages used in each.

12. Lava lamp! I got a lava lamp about 3 years ago. The colors were blue and green. After a while, the bulb broke, and there was a crack in it from when it fell on the ground one time. I threw it away, and since then, I've wanted a new one. And I finally got one! The colors are red yellow and purple.

13. Harry Potter Calendar. Its the Deathly Hallows themed. Its a pretty rad one.

14. 5 dollars from my grandma! Every single year she sends all of us kids 5 big ones.

15. Candy like you've never seen! Just kidding, there really wasn't that much. I didn't even keep any anyways.

There are some things I didn't mention, but that's because you don't need to know everything about my life.

-Sir Jared.