Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dude, just let the toe hang.

Somewhere around 5 years ago, my family went on vacation to San Diego, California. By saying my family, i mean my parents, brothers, sisters, and even a few cousins. This was the year when the term "Let the toe hang" was invented.
My older brother, Ty, was hanging out with Jens, Jacob, Judith, and I, in our campsite. If i remember correctly, Jacob and Judith were having a back and forth insulting fest. It was the casual thing to do back then. So as this is happening, my brother Ty comes up to us and says, "Dude! Just let the toe hang!" What i figure he ment from that was 'Take it easy!' Or 'Chill out!'.
For a few days after that, Let the toe hang was the awesome thing to say in my family, and was forgoten until just recently.
I was thinking back on how more of my family used to come to the beach, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. "Let the toe hang!" i couldn't help but laugh for the space of 7 hours. It was an amazing memory.
From then on, "Let the toe hang," is one of my favorite things to say. I say it on at least a daily basis.

Thanks for reading.
-Sir Jared.

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