Friday, August 26, 2011

Freaking, The Shins. Babe.

Recently I have been being attacked by some of my friends, because I don't put any input about the music i like. I admit, I have been focusing on my ridiculous short stories, but that's no excuse. Its time to lay down (with) the law.

Right now, and for the past few weeks, my favorite artist is The Shins. My favorite few songs by them are "Pink Bullets", "Know Your Onion", and "Girl Inform Me". Definitely a cool group of ones. I highly recommend you look them up.

Also, the band Silversun Pickups. Listen to the song "Lazy Eye". It is a pretty dece one. It is a little bit winey for all you haters out there, but it is still one of my favorites.

This has been a brief escapade into my life of frequent escapades.
-Sir Jared.

ps. If I didn't have freaking K9 firewalls on my computer, i would just link you to the song. Sorry for the inconvenience.

1 comment:

  1. "Austrailia" -The Shins

    And have you heard of fun.? The format is broken up, but the lead singer started a delicious band called fun. :)