Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forget about all that corn. Its not something to be proud of.

Sometimes when your life is really good, it goes by too fast. Other times you're going through a bunch of crap, and you wish you could just move on, but you can't. Life decides to go extra slow so you can savor the pain.. But lets not talk about that. That's depressing and stupid. Lets talk about how right now, life is ridiculously amazing. Well, I guess that there's not much I want to tell you, that's just too personal, but what I will tell you, is that I'm learning to play the guitar. Its freakin' sweet. Maybe in a few weeks.. Years.. If ever.. I will play you some cool songs. I just need to get a lot of practice in. I can do some pretty cool sight reading, and I know a few cool chords, but I just need some cool practice time. If you couldn't tell, I like to put the word "cool" in front of a lot of things. I just makes it sound... Cool.

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