Sunday, June 26, 2011

Beds are Burning?

Hello, my name is Jared. All my friends were making blogs all over the place, so i wanted to make one too. This is the best i can do.

I think what i want this to be is based on the kind of music i like to listen to during the time i post. It will either be just that, or have some side thing about it.

Today, my favorite song is "Beds Are Burning" By: Midnight Oil. I think its pretty catchy. I first heard this song when my family was on the long 11 hour drive to California for our annual beach vacation. I had put the name of the song as a text draft on my phone, so i would be reminded to look it up later. Yesterday, i heard the song coming from the kitchen in my house, and recognized it as a cool song. I looked it up on, and have listened to it at least 8 times since then.

When i get hooked on a song, its the only one I'll listen to for days. Anyway, i suggest you all look it up, and bask in its glory.

Well, its about that time. Goodbye.

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