Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stop throwing buses at me! Part II

I know you have all been desperately anticipating the sequel to the book i wrote. Well, you don't get to read it. I did write it 'n stuff, but you don't get to read it. Instead, you can read this short story that i wrote. Its based on actual events.

You can read it after this brief segment. Have you ever woken up in the morning with the smell of tuna in your hair? I know i haven't. Well, to negate this problem, buy this thing that i made!
Now for the story.

After Obama's squad of assassins took out that goblin, the earth started to shake. The earth cracked open, and a whole army of goblins started erupting from the ground. Obama and I realized that his squadron wouldn't be enough to take out all of them, even with the help of Batman and Magneto. Just then, i remembered that i have been taking rexquando for the past 6 months. I did what anyone would do. I broke the wrist, and walked away. I broke the wrist of all of those little jerks. But it wasn't enough. They just kept on coming, even though they were destroyed beyond recognition. Just then, when all hope seemed lost, Richard Simmons appeared through a portal, that he said would only appear to those that follow their dreams. He wasn't much help, but it was pretty dang cool that he showed up. I mean, all of these famous bro's coming to help me slay the goblin horde? I felt like a champ. So Richy and i were fighting to the death with the goblins, when one of them hits me over the head with a dump-truck. I instantly lose consciousness.

The epic trilogy will end in the upcoming story: Stop throwing buses at me! Part III.

Oh and by the way, I like The Killers.

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