Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Secret Unicorns

Today i was listening to some Relient K, when the song 'Who i am Hates Who I've been' comes on. I listen to it, then listen to the acoustic version to compare them. After listening to them both, i decide that i like the acoustic version is better. But that's just me.

If you ever get the chance to watch Gentlemen Bronco's, Don't. It is the worst movie i have ever seen. Probably the worst i will ever see. I watched it at the request of Jon-Michael George, who had watched it the day before, and thought it was amazing. He just wanted to spread his findings, but by doing so, he's damaged my soul beyond repair.

As of right now, my favorite group is Guster. They have been a favorite in the past, and after listening to them again, i remembered why i thought they were so good. My favorite of they're songs (that i have), is 'All The Way Up To Heaven'. Its pretty classy.

I'll let you get back to your boring lives. Thanks for reading.
-Sir Jared

ps. This post has nothing to do with Unicorns.

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