Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stop throwing buses at me! Part I

When i woke up this morning, the song by Queen that talks about people biting dust was stuck in my head. Why was it there? I've never listened to it on my own. I haven't heard it in probably a couple years. So why here? Why now? I'll tell you why. Its probably because someone threw a bus at me.

I was home alone one Friday night, when out of nowhere this little goblin erupts from the ground, and pulls a bus out from behind his ear. He then proceeded to throw it at me. I saw it coming, and as soon as it was about to hit me, Batman swooped in and kicked the goblin in the face. Well, even though Batman did take care of the goblin, the bus was still headed for sure impact on my face. That's when it happened. The bus stopped in mid-air, and i saw that Magneto was standing next to me, with the bus in his control. He let go of it, and it smashed into the ground, making a large crater. The bus was probably 3 feet away. This all happened so fast that i didn't even realize i wasn't even in my house at all! I was in the white house with Obama! Who knew! Obama wasn't pleased with the goblin that almost took me out, so he had his squad of bro's gun him down. Its safe to say that bus throwing goblins wont be hassling me anymore. Or so i thought.

To be continued...

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