Friday, July 8, 2011

Let's have an adventure.

Have you ever wondered what its like to be on the other side? I've heard that death is life's greatest adventure, and i've always been curious what its like. I don't mean i want to kill myself or anything, just that i want to know what its like to have a completely different perspective. Life can be a drag sometimes. Like, really bad. I bet on the other side, you're always having a good time, and you're always in the company of those you care about.

Thanks for reading, friends.
-Sir Jared.

1 comment:

  1. I bet you feel more sorrow because you know everything, feel everything that your loved ones still here on the earth feel. So your sorrow is multiplied by 10-1000. But I think that that also allows you to feel greater happiness in the good things. I think that being dead and having a larger perspective includes the bad too. No way it's all just peaches and cream. But, that's just me.