Monday, July 11, 2011

Things you obviously don't know about me.

This is a list of 35 thing you probably don't know about me.
1. I am 3 of 4 kids that are from my parents being together, but if we're counting past marriages, i have 6 other older siblings. Which puts me at 9 of 10.
2. I am very good at pretending that i care what you're talking about. I'm a very good liar too.
3. I can grow some pretty dang cool sideburns. I am currently in the process right now.
4. I like to read. But only if its interesting to me. Which pretty much rules out a lot of English assignments.
5. Yes, my hair is really red for all those grandma's out there that think i'm faking it.
6. I have bigger feet than both my older brothers. Its pretty stylish.
7. My favorite color is dark blue.
8. Yes, i do like country music, for all those haters out there.
9. When i went to homecoming dance this last year, i wore suspenders, and a belt. I felt super classy.
10. I was born in San Diego California, lived there for a year, moved to Idaho for 3 years, then moved to Provo, where i am currently residing.
11. I'm attractive.
12. If i got a tattoo it would be the triforce on my left hand. The bottom left triangle, if not all three.
13. I have well above 113 hours on a pokemon game that i have on my DS. I am that devoted to "catching 'em all".
14. I like having long hair, mostly for the purpose of putting my hair in a pony-tail in the back. It makes me feel really awesome when i do.
15. I secretly want to shave my head bald, just to see what its like. But then have it all back the next day.
16. I know what you're thinking about number 15. You're thinking "No! Don't shave your beautiful locks of hair! I just simply couldn't go on with my life if you didn't have your flames of glory!"
17. I do in fact like vanilla ice cream over chocolate.
18. They based the song in Beauty and the Beast where they're singing in the bar about Gaston after me.
19. I've been to Hawaii. While i was there, it happened to be my 11th birthday. Lucky me eh?
20. I would choose Star Wars over Lord of the Rings. I'm sorry to anyone that is offended by that.
21. My favorite kind of pizza is bbq chicken.
22. 22 is my lucky/favorite number.
23. 23 is Jens' lucky/favorite number, so i don't like it very much. He's always trying to one up me. (:
24. I do doubt my friends honesty. You never know when someone could be lying to you.
26. If i could leave Utah, i would. I honestly don't like it here very much.
27. I have never read the full series of Harry Potter.
28. I like being cold over hot.
29. My favorite hair color on girls is dark brown. My favorite eye color is a tie between really really deep blue, and a lighter brown.
30. Every girl i can remember liking in high school has always been 5"5'. Weird eh?
31. I can do a lot of things with my face. Such as: Wiggle my ears, raise one eyebrow, cross both eyes, cross one eye, shake my eyes, wiggle my nose like a rabbit, move my eyebrows up and down really rapidly, and things like that.
32. My dream car is an Audi TT. Preferably dark blue convertible.
33. I like hot chocolate when its cold. Like, ice cold.
34. My favorite flavor of gum is Solstice. 5 gum.
35. I get on facebook probably 2-5 times a day to see if a certain someone is online. Yeah, i'm a stalker. Sue me.
36. I don't like to share my true personality with just anyone. If i'm really quiet around you, then you don't know me. Or, i'm just in a quiet mood. Which happens a lot.

You kind of know me better now. Doesn't it feel great?
-Sir Jared.

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