Saturday, July 2, 2011

I got some cash.

Yesterday was payday. $123.65. Yeah, i know. 20 cents less would have been a lot cooler. So here's the deal. I got paid $53.65 in wages, and $70 in tips. I got more money in tips than normal. Yeah, you could say i like my job.

I started out yesterday by doing some chores, then i went and picked up my check. It was such a beautiful thing. After that, i went to the bank and killed off all of but $20 which i kept for my pocket. 9 hours later i was down to $4. I went to Macey's and bought a celebratory Kong Kone, and $12 of fireworks. Then i went to rock canyon park and got frostbite. Then i went to the movie Fast Five. It was dang good. After that, i went and saw David Archuleta. i just partied. All day long.

Last night when i was going to bed, i listened to the album All Left Out. Its a pretty cool one. Anyways, my life is really good.
-Sir Jared.

1 comment:

  1. you did NOT get frostbite. haha. though, it was pretty cold.