Monday, July 11, 2011

Irish drinking song

One mornin' when i woke up,
and i looked into my mirror,
I saw that i had no hair,
I thought i'd have a beer.
So then I went to the doctor,
He said "here's what we'll do",
He put some implants in,
Then i wore his shoe.

I look like Colin Mockory,
Handsome as handsome can be.
I kiss myself in the mirror,
Because i love bald me.
And then they put me under,
....They did it twice.
I thought that that was,
Awfully nice.

They drilled holes into my skin,
Then stuck in some hair,
They had to use a bit of a pin,
And virtually a bare.
And then he combed it to one side,
Then he looked at me,
He said "are you satisfied?",
"You're pretty as can be."

Oh, i'm a very handsome man,
The ladies love my paint.
They think that i'm Tom Celic,
They think i'm really great.
Well people scream and yell,
When i walk in through a door,
And when i come in to the room,
My pants fall on the floor.

This is from Whose Line Is It Anyway. And i think its really funny.
-Sir Jared.

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